The Kind Of Women Men Should Run Away From

1. When you meet a girl who doesn’t listen to your advice and prefers to live the way she wants. It’s her life, of course. Let’s her enjoy it. RUN!!

2. When she says she loves you but cannot prove it in actions and cannot sacrifice when the need arises. RUN!!

3. When you meet a lady who is excessively materialistic and doesn’t even think about how to add value to herself beyond making up, buying the latest phones, clothes and shoes. If she spends unnecessarily without understanding the value of money and what it takes to make a living. RUN!!

4. When you meet a girl who’s from a poor background but is maintaining a lifestyle of a girl from a super-rich home without a day job. RUN!!

5. When she says she can only submit to you after you both are married. Submission to a man is a reflection of a humble heart. If she isn’t humble enough to submit before marriage, she won’t be after marriage. RUN!!

6. If she has inordinate desires which are far beyond her reach and then relies on collecting monies from men to meet those needs. Trust me, somehow, she will have to reciprocate. If she’s using what “she has” to “get what she wants.” If she’s not content with what her parents or guardians or you are providing for her. RUN!!

7. If she’s so fixated on and addicted to social media which could be her only way of being relevant. If she’s so influenced by the social media and tries to keep up with everything happening in the social media: latest this and latest that. RUN!!

A woman should strive to add value to herself and, in extension, add value to her family. If she’s more of a headache than happiness, then she’s not for you.

No woman should use her circumstance as an excuse to do terrible things. We all have choices to make no matter how bad things become.

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